orange is the new black [floskeln]

don’t you fucking fool me              i didn’t mean it              i don’t give a crap              that’s not right

– that’s just not right              shut the fuck up              this’s all i got       you gotta be kidding me

good – i’m good             get the hell out of here       but this is totally different              go

away – please just go away              i don’t get it       it’s all the same to you              go fuck

yourself              don’t be a pussy              i’m not a pussy              you’re a pussy              it’s just that

i              did i do something wrong?              why’s everybody staring at me?       don’t you laugh at

me              don’t you dare even thinking about it              stop crying like a baby              i’m not

pretending              you better be right              or what?              this is stupid              i’m so

stupid              why don’t you say anything?             get your things done             better be

quick              come on              thank you – thank you so much             i really mean it – i do

you don’t see what you’ve done?              little bitch              eat my cunt              now

what?              why don’t you suck my dick instead              are you done?              yes i’m

done              you know what?               you’re a pain in the ass              what the?               are you

completely out of your mind?               are you nuts?               i’m gonna tell you something

maybe – just maybe              please tell me this isn’t happening right now              no way – no

fucking way              believe me or not              this doesn’t feel right              absolutely

that’s right              this is gross              i can’t believe you did this to me              that’s not fair

why do i always have to?               help me – please someone help me              i will kill

you              what do you want me to do?               now tell me              listen to me – just listen for

once              would you please not interrupt me?               does it make any difference?

this is as far as you get               just for once – let’s pretend               now is not the right time

darling               i hate you               i love you               i love you too               and remember what

i’ve said               this is not the way i wanted it to be               shut up and kiss me               shut up

and fuck me               how can i help you?               jesus fucking christ               i’m not the one to

blame               it’s over               i can’t help noticing that you               honey – look               please

have a seat               this is all your fault               you’re such an asshole               who do you think

you are?               let go – you have to let go               don’t you ever do that again               i don’t

think so               do i know you from somewhere?               i don’t believe in miracles               i’m all

yours               i don’t give a shit               beg your pardon?               what was his name

again?               what was her name again?               that’s weird               but how?                you

know               i’m sorry               i’m not that kind of person               don’t you ever touch me

again               just think about it               he seems nice               get out of my way               what’s

the point in               i’ve never felt like that before               you’re the only one i can trust

we’re in this together               come on in               don’t be rude               i’ve done nothin‘ –

nothin‘               i wish it wouldn’t be this way you can count on me               why’s everybody

blaming me?                i’m not blaming you               you have to be strong now               are you

cheating on me?                i’m not cheating on you               don’t – please – don’t               oh – that’s

nice of you               can we please go on               i like you – i really do              remember what i’ve

said               why? – please tell me why?              this was just the beginning